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After you have contacted me and we have discussed what changes you are wanting to make, we will organise our first meeting.

Initial Consultation

This session lasts for approximately 60 minutes and we will discuss what it is you are seeking to achieve. I will take a note of any relevant background information you feel I need to know.

I will explain how the brain works, including thought processes, and exactly how Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy can be used to help. We will discuss what happens during a 'trance' and make sure you have any questions answered.

All sessions are positive, respectful and confidential, and often an explanation of how the brain works and processes information will have an instantly reassuring effect. 

Individual Hypnotherapy Trance Sessions

These sessions last for approximately 60mins. Generally the first half of the session will be talking therapy. You will then be asked to recline in the armchair and covered by a light blanket to aid relaxation. There will be soft background music playing and I will talk to you to gently induce hypnosis.​ This is very comfortable and relaxing. I will use positive suggestion and metaphors to help your brain process thoughts and begin to develop positive pathways, helping you achieve your aims.

When the session is over you can take a little time to adjust and review before the session ends. The sessions are very positive and relaxing, leaving you very refreshed due to your brain experiencing deep relaxation. Generally clients feel a little 'lighter' due to the brain starting to remove any negative thoughts or worry you may have been carrying. You will be perfectly able to drive, go back to work or get on with your day after a session.

Group Hypnotherapy Sessions

In certain situations, such as pre-natal hypnotherapy or general relaxation sessions, small group settings can work very well. In this case you will be asked to make yourself comfortable on a mat, covered with a light blanket and a similar trance process will be used.

I run a number of group workshops on dealing with anxiety and other issues, but also guided relaxation sessions for 'mind massage' or general wellbeing.

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