* We have many extremely pleased clients but we are also required by law to state that results of therapy cannot be guaranteed as each person is unique and results from individual testimonials, while provided by real clients, are for reference only. We are happy to visibly apply this disclaimer on our website not just because it is the law, but because we are professional clinical therapists and pride ourselves on being honest, open and factual while adhering to the highest standards of practice and ethics in professional therapy. *

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Session Fees
Solution Focused Brief Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy helps to create very effective and positive changes. Unlike other therapies that work over a lengthier period, solution focused hypnotherapy will actively encourage you to move on as quickly as possible. Although we are one of the more experienced therapy and hypnotherapy practices in the Farnham area, we purposefully work very hard to keep our fees low, allowing as many people as possible to work on their mental wellbeing and create the positive change they want to see. 

Sessions are individually tailored to the client or clients taking part and it is therefore impossible to say how many sessions are needed in advance (unless specific therapy for phobias) as each person is different. Positive effects are often felt straight away - but weekly repetition for the brain to create a new positive pathway is absolutely necessary while receiving treatment to gain the full benefit.

You will also be given a complementary CD to use at home between the weekly sessions, and clients should commit to using the CD as it forms an important part of the therapy. 

I do ask that you arrive promptly as sadly I cannot overrun on sessions if there is another client waiting.

Initial telephone Consultation                 Free

Initial Consultation                                   £30     

Standard Sessions                                  £60     

Under 18yrs                                            £50   

Students (NUS CARD)                            £50     

Serving Military                                       £50 (Inc. Ex Serving Military on case by case basis)


Group Sessions                                       Please call to discuss requirements

Corporate Sessions                                 Please call to discuss requirements

Please note that each session is payable via BACS (bank details on request), cheque or cash.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel or rearrange a session, please give at least 24hrs notice as this will enable me to give the space to someone else. In the case where notice has not been given, the session fee will still have to be paid as I won't be able to replace the missed session with a different client. Please remember that we have lots of people in need of our sessions, so giving notice is much appreciated by all.

Children/ Under 18yrs

I am experienced in working with and communicating with children and teenagers. I will need to request that a parental form is signed before therapy can take place. A parent, carer or guardian will need to be in attendance. I can supply my DBS number on request.


Appointments are by arrangement and early evening appointments are available, however please note that due to demand for evening slots there may be a waiting list.

Saturday sessions are discretionary and limited.