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Public Speaking & Conferences

I LOVE to speak at conferences and workshops if I have availability. We need to have open and empowering conversations about mental wellbeing and how to be at our very best. I speak on a number of subjects (adult/child audience) including: 



I can also include hypnosis/ guided deep relaxation sessions as part of the group presentation.

People leave my presentations feeling inspired, entertained, relaxed and knowing much more about their brain than when they arrived!

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"Elaine is brilliant, reassuring and a great therapist....the biggest sceptic will benefit with Elaine's therapy..."

  Therapy Client 

"Elaine Way was a first-class speaker and clearly very passionate about her subject..."
Workshop Participant 
Elaine Way Anxiety Therapist Farnham Surrey
Press & Media

One in four people (UK) have experienced anxiety and as an experienced therapist & anxiety expert I can give engaging, intelligent and informative interviews, commentary and context on a number of brain and behaviour- related topics.

Working with a wide range of clients from frazzled parents to people with phobias, panic attacks and low self esteem, I can provide relatable examples (without breeching confidentiality). I can also provide accessible explanations of the brain in relation to anxiety, confidence, sleep and contribute to discussions about hypnosis, positive psychotherapy and the therapy process.

I can also provide content on hypnosis, including a detailed history and it's development over time. 

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