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In response to demand we are launching our new menopause therapy programme from January 2020.

This offers a structured programme of 5 individually tailored sessions for peri-menopausal or menopausal women, aimed at helping women approach and transition through the menopause in the most positive way for them. 

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We are very excited to be launching our new Positive ChangeTM Menopause Programme. Ideal for women who are starting to experience symptoms of menopause or already going through it, the course of sessions are aimed at addressing their unique issues, be they hot flushes, low mood, insomnia, increased anxiety, night sweats or more. 

We are experts at working with thought and behaviour patterns and rather than signalling an 'end' to something, we view the menopause as a positive and natural period of change in a women's life. Understandably, because of the fluctuating hormones floating around the body and recognising that menopause can also come at a very busy time in our lives, at the Studio we use our tools to help women feel supported and have the best menopause for them - maintaining and building a positive mindset, reducing anxiety and worry.

Did you know that Hypnotherapy has been recognised in numerous studies as one of the most effective tools in reducing symptoms such as hot flashes? Many women have benefitted from using hypnosis and deep relaxation techniques and combined with SFBT we believe our programme offers great support to women transitioning through this important life stage.

POSITIVE CHANGE - 5 Session Menopause Programme

Session One - A 'get to know you' session where you can talk about any concerns or issues, allowing us to tailor our programme together. Getting to work straight away, we cover a useful scientific explanation of the menopause and the brain with regards to anxiety and other issues.

Session Two, Three and Four - Using Solution Focused Brief Therapy we get to work in adding further details to your goals and how you want things to be in the future. This includes tools and techniques that can help to increase positive mindset and outlook, self-esteem, address hot flashes and issues such as insomnia, focus or anxiety. We explore your skills and strengths and how these can be used to create positive change. During these stages we also use hypnosis and self-hypnosis aimed at consolidating what we talk about in sessions but also establish techniques for deep relaxation and exercises to help reduce hot flashes.

Session Five - Future pacing and redefining 'you'; Focusing on 'what works'; Looking towards a positive future.

The Programme Also Includes:

  • 6 Self-Hypnosis Tracks (CD or MP3)

  • Worksheets and Information Sheets



The sessions are intended to be weekly, but can also be fortnightly later into the course if time doesn't allow. Each session is 1hr in duration with complementary CDs/MP3s to be used at home and going forwards after the course has ended.

Whether you are looking at this course for yourself or as a gift to support a partner or friend, we believe our menopause programme offers great value for money and includes the tools to help women take more positive control over their menopause, maintain a positive direction and celebrate what can be an empowering and definitive stage in a women's life. Our aim is always to help you cope better with life. 

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