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If you can't make it to sessions, perhaps online therapy is the solution for you?

Cognitive therapy, Solution Focused Therapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy can all be delivered online by a professional therapist. There have been a number of studies to show that sessions are as effective online as in person. If you are in self-isolation or don't live in the local area, online sessions offer you access to therapy without leaving your home or office. 

how online sessions work 

Contact us by email or telephone and we'll have a quick chat about the issues or problems you might be experiencing. If you like we can then arrange to have an online initial consultation at a convenient time. 

You'll be emailed a Zoom meeting link for the consultation. Once you have downloaded Zoom, you simply click on this link to be taken into the meeting at the agreed appointment time. As is standard practise, you will also be sent our terms and conditions and GDPR information in advance. 


We meet online for the session. In the initial consultation we discuss your issue in more detail, cover a really useful brain explanation, talk more about how the therapy can help and you'll be sent a self-hypnosis track, so you can get straight to work on making changes. There is no obligation from this session - you decide if you want to continue with standard sessions. Our initial consultations are £30ph to allow you to spend an hour with us and find out more about how we work. 


If you decide to take more sessions including hypnotherapy, you'll be emailed a music track to provide suitable background for the online hypnosis. You'll also be asked to think about finding a comfortable place where the therapy can take place - sitting or lying down for hypnosis is completely up to you. Solution Focused Therapy (talking therapy) simply requires somewhere comfortable to sit, where you won't be interrupted.

Enjoy your sessions! You can see our session fees here

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