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People who drink alcohol will do so for a number of reasons. It may be to unwind after a hard day at work, cope with the pressures of life or to feel more confident at parties, amongst other reasons. 

But often we find ourselves drinking a bit more (or more regularly) than we want, and it can leave us feeling unhealthy or frustrated. It could be weight gain or health awareness that makes us decide to cut down.....but quite often when we try, we find it hard to maintain in the longer-term, because the attraction of alcohol is too strong.


The Solution Focused Studio has had much success in helping people to cut down or stop their alcohol consumption.

Created for people looking to cut down rather than 'stop' their drinking, the Drink Less Project aims to pass on the knowledge of the brain and other tools we use within the studio, helping people to create a real mindset change towards their drinking habits.

While not a replacement for individual therapy, what you will learn is still very powerful. This includes the science behind why we are attracted to drinking alcohol and why habits can seem so hard to break. You will learn to challenge the thought processes of the brain in a positive, solution-focused way, and will be taken through

the use of self-hypnosis to access your subconscious, helping you gain deep relaxation, cement in the work we do together, and continue this at home with your complementary CD. This will give you the best mindset possible to reduce your drinking.

This is a relaxed and friendly workshop involving a small group of people with the same goals and will not involve talking about anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

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