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Teens and Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapy

Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapy is a combination of Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) and Clinical Hypnotherapy. It is used widely with children, helping with a broad spectrum of issues and here at the Solution Focused Studio we work with children aged 15 years old and over

At the Studio we respect that the human brain is not completely developed until the early 20s and therefore the teenage brain is a little different to the adult brain. Therefore while we can use hypnosis with children, we tend to focus on the Solution Focused Therapy to create the changes we would like to see. While we use occasionally elements of CBT, the more conversational and positive language approach of Solution Focused Therapy is often preferred by clients, as we help them learn more about the science of their brain, issues that can arise and how to challenge their thoughts.

Common issues we work with include anxiety, insomnia, self-esteem, confidence and equestrian performance. We have also successfully helped clients with issues around self-harming, suicidal thoughts and OCD.

Elaine Way has extensive experience working with children and has enhanced DBS clearance. Additionally she is well-regarded for her ability to establish good rapport with teenagers, allowing them to feel relaxed and respected.

Sessions with minors are conducted with a parent or carer in attendance, but if necessary the parent/carer can be placed out of the room but within sight, allowing the child to feel more independent. 

Due to the effectiveness of the approach, SFBT is now being adapted within various professional bodies dealing with children, including medical, dental, social care (NSPCC) and educational sectors.

Below is a copy of our information leaflet. If you would like further details, please call to speak with us. We can also email this leaflet to you - simply contact us here.

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