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Our highly regarded 'Better Sleep Workshop' has been presented to the public, hospices, businesses and local government staff.

A good night of sleep is essential to our health and wellbeing, and here at the Solution Focused Studio, we have first-hand experience of helping our clients achieve a better quality and quantity of sleep.

In our innovative workshop we take you through the science of sleep and what happens when our head hits the pillow in an informative and accessible way.

We also look into sleep hygiene and how to harness the power of the brain to get the night of sleep we want.

A friendly and relaxed workshop, using our solution-focused tools we will help you review your sleep hygiene and look at how it might be better. We'll also include a guided relaxation exercise to show you just what an effective tool self-hypnosis can be for everyone, even if you haven't tried it before.


You'll receive a complementary worksheet and CD to use at home.


We want you to love sleep just as much as we do! 

Please check back for new dates or email to register your interest and details will be sent to you.
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