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BEREAVEMENT & GRIEF THERAPY Counselling  Farnham Surrey

Losing someone close to you can create difficult and sometimes overwhelming emotions. While grief is a natural process, sometimes we need space to talk about either the person we have lost, the manner of the bereavement or our past relationship with the person who is no longer here. 

Occasionally the grief can happen some time after the death, even two or three years later, if we haven't had the chance to deal with it at the time, either through circumstance or because we weren't ready.

Sometimes grief makes it hard to move forward with life, people can find it hard to imagine life in the future without that person. We know that talking about our grief really does help - and we offer a non-judgemental, objective, friendly, supportive and confidential space for people to unload their thoughts.

At the Studio we are trained and experienced in helping and supporting adults and children through difficult situations or emotions, including anxiety, insomnia and low mood. We can also help to move people gently forwards so they don't 'get stuck' with grief, gently using our tools to help people rediscover their skills and strengths, build confidence and start to imagine the future in more detail. 

In addition to talking therapy, clinical hypnosis can offer a period of deep relaxation, focusing the mind elsewhere, helping process the emotion and have a much-valued period of time where concerns or worried are absent.

The experience of grief is different for everyone. If you want to chat or find support, contact us today.

When I lost my husband ....I really appreciated having somewhere I could come and talk openly as a 'wife' and not as Mum or Gran. I had lost a lot of confidence because he did everything for me.

I knew I needed to move forward with life but I was feeling frozen and couldn't see a way forward.

I didn't have a great relationship with my Mum and had very mixed emotions when she died. We hadn't spoken in four years. 

I needed to talk to find a way through the emotion.

In the nicest sense I loved coming along to talk with you and get things off my chest, but then I could leave it all behind, close the door, park it there and get on with my life. I wouldn't have been able to do that with my friends or family.

I was in shock that my lovely friend had killed himself. I kept playing over and over in my mind that I should have noticed something was really wrong. I needed to get help with these uncomfortable emotions...I was anxious and couldn't sleep.


In addition to our clinical training we have also undertaken CPD training with Cruse Bereavement Care

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