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Unlike the often comical image portrayed in the media and by entertainers, Clinical Hypnotherapy, or indeed any type of professional therapy, is not something that is 'done to you'. A professional Clinical Hypnotherapist will work with you as part of a collaboration. This does also mean that clients have to be motivated to change, and someone showing commitment and determination will show successful results more quickly.

Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy is an evidence-based therapy, being a combination of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (a positive and co-constructive talking therapy) and Clinical Hypnotherapy. 

What is hypnotherapy?

In simple terms, a clinical hypnotherapist expertly helps you attain a state of deep relaxation and focus (some practitioners refer to this as a 'trance' state) lowering what we call our brain's 'critical faculties'. Essentially we become more open to positive suggestion, but it also allows the brain to process information in a more efficient way. Deep relaxation aids the mind and body and positive changes in thinking patterns can be made.

As a trainee psychologist I can reassure you that hypnotherapy has a huge amount of research and evidence behind it, even if there is no one, single scientific explanation for what is happening in the brain - yet. 

What is a 'trance'?

Being in a 'trance' might sound concerning, but the term actually relates more to deep relaxation. A 'trance' is simply another word for a state of mind in which we are relaxed and focused, to the point we naturally exclude stimuli around us. We experience 'trances' like this naturally every day. The feeling we have when we are daydreaming, on auto-pilot in the car or listening to a piece of relaxing music, is a type of relaxed trance state.

I would describe it as a feeling of the brain being 'in neutral'. You will be aware of your surroundings and totally in control, but your thoughts will be very relaxed and focused inside your own mind.  I work with you to induce a gentle, relaxing light trance. Occasionally you may fall asleep because it is very relaxing - this is not a problem. You will be woken gently and will feel very refreshed and relaxed afterwards, a little like waking from a light nap. 

Is it safe?

Absolutely safe. Hypnosis has been used for hundreds of years and using modern developments in neuroscience, we actually understand so much more about the brain and how tools such as solution focused hypnotherapy can help us. You cannot get 'stuck' in a trance and you are never 'out of control' - one of the reasons I do not use instant induction techniques on clients. Due to safeguarding issues, inductions involving touch are not used. 

Before our first session I will also send you further information and FAQs about trance sessions, ensuring you have any questions answered and you are completely comfortable and familiar with the session structure. It is a very enjoyable experience.

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